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Surrogacy Centre in Delhi

Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi

Why go for Surrogacy?

When a couple fails to conceive with other aided reproductive technologies, they can go for surrogacy. A number of couples, who fail to have a child due to medical issues, which are not curable through other reasons. They can have their child by hiring surrogate mothers, who will give birth to their babies with the help of assisted technology. Surrogate mothers can give birth to the child of concerned couple whichever formed through their traditional method or by using donated sperms and eggs through IVF technologies. There are many surrogacy centre in Delhi but you need to find which one is suitable for you.

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi

To make the process of surrogacy legal and authentic, a legal agreement is made between the couple and the surrogate mother. This legal agreement with the surrogate mother affirms consent of the surrogate for taking part in this process and gives birth to their baby and the right of the baby, which lies with the couple, who are the genetic parents of the child.

Surrogacy is of two types –

·       Gestational surrogacy

·       Traditional surrogacy


In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate mother will raise embryo formed by IVF treatment in her womb and give birth to the child of the couple, who are inherited parents of the child. The baby is usually hereditarily different from surrogate mother. Gestational surrogacy is also known as gestational carriers.


Whereas in this surrogacy involves eggs of the surrogate mother, who gives birth to a child as expected, hence is hereditarily related to the surrogate mother. 


The procedure starts with the couple hiring a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother will get embryo developed with sperm and eggs of the couple, in her womb and will deliver it after it grows indeed. Couples when having any difficulties like poor quality of eggs or sperm can also opt for donor eggs or sperm for surrogacy.

To begin the program, couples have to record with us. After registering process, we offer a Gestational Surrogate for the treatment cycle of the couple. Best surrogacy centre in Delhi, we suggest having a surrogate who is a blood relative of the recipient mother. But there are couples, who are not able to discover, such surrogates. We help them to discover surrogates, who are willingly ready to give their womb on hire to give birth to the couple’s baby. We also employee surrogate for our patients after the detailed screening. We provide our patients with a suitable surrogate as per conditions provided by them. Opt for Best surrogacy center in Delhi for a great view of your parenthood.


Few medical causes, which may induce a couple to go for surrogacy, are listed below.

·       Weakness or failure of the womb (uterus) to carry the baby

·       Unceasing loss of a pregnancy or repeated miscarriages

·       Frequent failures of IVF treatment

·       Sexual disorders

·       Disappointment in all other methods of assisted reproduction

We screen all the surrogates meticulously. They undergo hormonal screening as well as screening for communicable diseases. We also check them for any medical condition. Their emotional screening is also done. We select surrogates between 21-35 years of age, who are married and has given birth to a healthy child. 
Embryo(s) shifted into the surrogate’s womb can be fresh or frozen. After embryo transfer, we take noble care of the surrogate, so that your baby is taken care of through pregnancy. The couples who want a baby through surrogacy or any best suited means can contact us. We are one of the renowned infertility clinic offering surrogacy services in Delhi.